Avinguda de la Cova, 98A 46940, Manises, Valencia - España

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[email protected]

To send labels put as Subject Labels and your Name

+34 631 75 55 70

We serve 24 hours a day through the two numbers on Whatsapp

Avinguda de la Cova, 98A 46940 Manises, Valencia

Our warehouse is located in a strategic location


Our Location

Shipping From North America

We receive products from the United States Canada and we also have clients in Mexico

Shipping from Central and South America

We have many clients in Honduras Panama and especially sellers from Peru, Colombia, Argentina

Shipping from Africa Asia

We also receive Spanish-English speaking products from the American continent as well as from Asia.


Frequently Ask Questions

We are located Avinguda de la cova, 98A 46940 Manises, Valencia Spain
4 km from the Amazon Logistics warehouse. Therefore, your boxes will arrive in less than a day.

As soon as your merchandise has arrived and you have sent us the labels, your inventory will be ready to ship within 48 hours.

Our prices can be consulted on our rates page, in the section above or by downloading the PDF. If you require a personalized quote, contact us through the different contact lines and we will answer you.

Yes, we accept returns from your customers and if possible we recondition them so that you can send them back to the AMAZON warehouses.

The standard dimensions of boxes to send to Amazon must not exceed 63 cm on the longest side. Any box that exceeds it will be “oversized”.

Yes, we also work with companies and stores that want to sell their inventory online on Amazon.

Yes, we have a 24-hour surveillance system with alarm and notification to the police station.

Yes, we have experience working together with international vendors and companies, you will have guaranteed effectiveness.

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